‘Time’ in HD

My short film ‘Time’ has been a long journey for me. The idea came to me in 2004. Being a downtowner I walk a lot. It’s one of the enjoyable parts of being here. Being on the streets connects you to the environment like no other form of transportation. Over time you notice the changes to the landscape.

One day as I was walking down Bloor street, one of the best walks in the city by the way, I looked up into the empty space between two buildings and realized that perhaps once before a building may had existed there. It was curious to me that what is now empty space, in mid-air, could had once contained the stories of people. A space where people once worked, loved, slept, eat, etc. is now just empty space. Throughout the city, human stories are erased forever, when buildings are erased. I set out to create a film to capture this  dynamic of the city.

The process of figuring out how to make a film like this took me four years. The film came out in 2008, thanks to funding from BravoFact. I have to admit it’s the only film I’d made that seem to have legs. The copy on Vimeo had gathered more than a quarter of a million views and continues to be watched.

So, I decided to update the piece and bring it into the high definition world where people can savour all the details. I also took the chance to add a few more elements and corrected a few inaccuracies. Please enjoy!

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